Ollie’s World: Interactive Sustainability

Education Spotlight:

Ollie’s World: Interactive Sustainability

Ollie’s World is a child-friendly site that tackles issues relating to sustainability and the environment. The site has two sections: adult and kids. The adult section contains information for teachers and an online shop. The kid’s section is packed with the fun stuff and covers Ollie’s four R’s of sustainability – reduce, reuse, recycle and rethink.

Ollie’s Games

There are plenty of interactive games to keep the kids amused and learning while they play. Kids can visit Ollie’s Island and discover where everything the islanders eat, drink use and where comes from, or they can play a range of free sustainability and energy saving games.


Ollie Saves the Planet

This site has a USA and Australian section so that kids will get content relevant to their environment. When children enter the site, they can click on icons for downloadable screen savers, find projects and quizzes, visit the Ollie clubhouse or take a look through action town.


Ollie Recycles

The Australian icon on this site takes kids to recycling games and quizzes that are relevant to Australia.  Children can explore, take quizzes and play a waste sorting game and become a member of Ollie’s clubhouse.


Each section of Ollie’s World is set out in an easy to follow format with clear instructions for navigating from one area to the next. The site is information rich and encourages kids to take action in their community. Best of all, the website gets kids involved in tackling the issues of sustainability in a transparent and engaging way.